Welcome to the new J. Castro Photography blog! We’re excited to have you here.  We’re in the process of  moving over most of our post’s from our blogspot blog so you never have to go back there to see older photos or previous entries.  But if you’d really like to, your more than welcome to go pay a visit for old times sake.  Just click here.

Many of whom I’ve shown our new brand to have been asking about the styling of our new blog and soon to launch website so here’s a brief explanation of it all.

We wanted to convey a more modern and contemporary feel to our new brand.  When I first contacted Flosites regarding our rebranding we delved deep into who I am as a photographer and as a person.  I am a middle of the road kind of guy, so of course, neutral earth tones were a must.  I didn’t want colors that were too polarizing or bold.  Besides, I want the photos to be the centerpiece of the brand and wanted the overall look to accompany rather than overpower the images.

The new J logo was something that Ross and his team came up with, and I loved it from the first initial draft.  I’m not sure if it was intentional but what I interpreted from it was that its design and shape mixed influences of ancient asian scripts that seems to reflect my filipino ancestry which, as a race of people,  is also mix of asian influences.  Pretty neat huh?

So what’s the deal with the girly girl cherry blossom J.?  Don’t ever call it girly girl… I’ll come over there and beat you with my light stand.  =)

The Cherry Blossom tree holds much significance to me as it symbolizes the start of spring.  The beginning of new life in the cycle of seasons.  Growing up in Hawaii and San Diego I was accustomed to year round sunshine and mild weather.  It wasn’t until I was stationed in the northeast that I experienced seasons for the first time.  It was not a good experience.  I suffered from severe seasonal depression to the point of triggering anxiety attacks and ultimately helped to end my navy career.  When spring would come the depression would vanish and my spirit lifted.  I never noticed how happy spring time made me until Audrey pointed out how goofy and excited I always got seeing the trees begin to bud leaves.  Ten years have passed since I first moved to the northeast and I no longer suffer from seasonal depression, though I still hate the winter and still get excited about spring and seeing the cherry blossom tree bloom in april still makes me smile.

So there it is folks… our new brand and logo.  We will be launching our website very soon so stay tuned for an announcement for the launch date.

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    1. Congratulations. I like your new blog. The pictures are great.

    2. by Rebecca

      LOVE it!

    3. by Jeannie

      This is pretty! Congrats on the new blog!

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    5. I love the new branding and blog…Good job!

    6. by Jaymie

      Thanks Dave! How are you?

    7. by Jaymie

      Thanks Ross! I am absolutely thrilled about the our new brand and site.

    8. by Ross

      Jaymie, it was great working with you! We wish you every success with your business, and hope to be in touch 🙂

    9. by david

      Nice Blog!

    10. the new blog is killer brotha j! ross did an awesome job!!! hope to see you in august we just booked another new york wedding! w00p!

    11. J Castro is the most FABULOUS in all the land!!! Love you guys and all you did for us!!! Keep rockin!

    12. by Christina Crapanzano

      I love the Cherry Blossoms:) It looks great so far! I was so excited to see our picture when I opened the site…thanks Jaymie!

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