Q: How do I book you for our wedding?
A: Go to our contact page and fill out the contact form, or call us at 203-828-0842, or email at info@jcastrophotography.com.  From there we can meet and go over some of our photography collections and show you some of our albums.  Once you’ve decided that you’d like to book with us, we begin the booking process with a proposal, contract and receipt of your retainer to lock in your date.

Q: How much is your retainer?

A: We require a retainer of 35% of your total price.  Sales tax will be rolled in on your final balance payment which will be due two weeks prior to your wedding day.

Q: Do you book more than one wedding a day?
A: Are you nuts? I would never put me or my associate through that kind of torture. Once you book a date with us, that date is yours and only yours.

Q: Your associate, is he a photographer as well? Or is he just an assistant?
A: My associate Chris, is my right hand man. All of our photography collections include two professional photographers, myself and Chris. For large weddings we may bring along an intern to assist with family photos and carrying around some of our equipment.

Q: What is your style?
A: We are inspired by cinema and fashion. We love to incorporate dramatic lighting to create the mood in an image. I like to call ourselves freestyle photographers as labeling us as photojournalistic or traditional is far too generic for our style. We take what we like from all styles to create a distinctly unique look.