Not too often do I run into military couples. But when I do it’s always a blast! Ashley emailed me a couple of weeks ago wanting to book an engagement session. When I found out that she was a senior at West Point and her fiance was a recent graduate of the Naval Academy I jumped at the chance! =)

Turns out things would be a lot more “interesting” than I thought it would be. What with the “Go Army, Beat Navy!” mindset of Hudson Valley residents and my “Go Navy, Beat Army!” from my navy upbringing and career… I was absolutely tickled when Ashley told be she was a Red Sox fan and Dave was a Mets fan. LOL! Can you imagine the hilarity if he was a yankees fan.

So, a photographer, a West Point cadet and a Naval officer walk into a bar…. oh never mind… here are the awesome pics!

Yeah, Dave know’s who’s in command. ¬†After all there can only be one CINCHOUSE (military speak for Commander in Chief of the House).

Talk about a power couple… two academy rings! TWO!

My favorite shot.

Patti and Tom were wed this past weekend in Ridgefield, CT. It was a very intimate wedding with just friends and family. The reception was held at Founders Hall, which is the senior center for the town. I must say… the senior citizens in Ridgefield have one heck of a place to hang out! =)

Patti, thank you for allowing me to be in attendance on you wedding day. I wish you and Tom all the best!